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Lamberto Basti

Software Developer at JetBrains

Hi, my name is Lamberto Basti, I’m an Italian computer science enthusiast that by pure chance stepped into the exciting world of machine learning!

I moved to Turin in 2011 for university where I attended the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Turin for Informatics Engineer and live there for 10 years :)

I recently joined JetBrains in the Package Search team and I moved to Munich!

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Bash is evil, write a Gradle Plugin with Kotlin instead!

In this talk I'll show how moving all our build logic to Gradle helped the Package Search team at JetBrains improve our devops cycles. We wrote tons of custom logic in Gradle, and I will share how much more accessible Gradle is when using Kotlin, instead of Groovy, to write build scripts and plugins. I'll share my experience in writing build logic using the Gradle Kotlin DSL, and then walk you through the creation of a simple plugin that allows you to control a local Docker instance. Build and run Docker images with ease!

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