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Dmitry Alexandrov

Software Developer at Oracle

Dmitry is a software developer at Oracle, Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker. Currently working on Project Helidon. He has more than a decade of experience mainly in Java Enterprise in banking/telecom, but interested in dynamic languages on JVM and features like massive computations on GPUs. A true believer in open source and community-driven initiatives. He is a co-lead of the Bulgarian Java User Group and co-organizer of jPrime Conf. Dmitry is a blogger and also a frequent speaker at local events as well as conferences like JavaOne/CodeOne, Devoxx/Voxxed and Joker/JPoint.

Kotlinizing Helidon

Helidon is a great choice for building microservices. It is a collection of libraries that run on a fast web core powered by Netty. There is full support for CDI, a reactive DB client, and full GraalVM native image support. In addition, Helidon provides an implementation of MicroProfile specification that makes it a good choice for enterprise developers. In this talk, I will tell you a story, how we found out that Helidon and Kotlin are actually a very nice couple, and how actually we “Kotlinized” Helidon! We will use a huge repository of Helidon in Kotlin examples. You will learn about the language features that make developing Helidon applications a breeze. Along the way, we will take a closer look at the Reactive API to boost the performance of your apps.

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