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Anton Keks

Developer at Codeborne

Anton Keks is a software craftsman, co-founder of Codeborne, the only extreme programming shop in the region, a frequent speaker at conferences, and a lecturer in Tallinn Technical University. He is also a strong believer in open-source software and agile development methodologies, author of a popular network tool — Angry IP Scanner, and a regular contributor to other open-source projects. Before founding Codeborne, Anton has led a team of developers of the award-winning internet-bank of Swedbank for 5 years, gradually introducing agile methods. During this time he has also co-founded an Agile Estonia non-profit organization that organizes regular agile conferences in Estonia. During his spare time he plays guitar, rides a motorbike, and travels to remote corners of the world.

Why Kotlin needs much fewer frameworks

Kotlin is a perfect replacement for Java on the server-side. People tend to use lots of additional frameworks/libraries/utilities when coding in Java. On the contrary, Kotlin provides a very lean standard library and language features that make most of the popular dependencies unnecessary or obsolete. During the last couple of years I have explored the possibilities of going with very few dependencies in real production projects, coding things like very lightweight DB access, dependency injection, and the likes that do only what you need and consume only a handful lines of code in your project, making the code easier to reason about, debug and change. During the talk, I am going to explain the code of my latest server-side app template based on Jooby and coroutines and explain how various Kotlin language features help to drastically reduce the amount of code needed on the server-side.

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