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Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez
Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez

Android engineer at Groupon

Android engineer at Groupon, Kotlin GDE - just a humble Chicago KUG organizer. she/her/hers

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A Brief History of Memory Leaks

Memory and threading is some of the most difficult and complicated topics in Android. This talk introduces what memory leaks are, how they can be spotted, and why they're so hard to find. This talk take a light-hearted approach at some of the colorful developments Android has gone through the years. From "Why did AsyncTask get deprecated?" to "Why couldn't we use Streams in Android?", we look at memory leaks in Android as we've known it. To understand quirks of memory leaks in Android, join us for some historical contexting, a little empathy, and a kinder view of open-source development.

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